Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is the reform that is rescuing America. 

RCV offers transformative benefits:

Every vote matters and you can always vote for your favorite knowing your vote will never be wasted.

Fresh candidates can run without fear of being treated like a "spoiler".

New parties can form and share their unique and valuable perspectives without fear of undermining their own goals by splitting votes and diluting electoral power with the most similar major party.

Strong independents can participate holding their heads high without dealing with unfair accusations of interference or irrelevance.

Problem solving orientation where everyone running has a real reason to emphasize areas of common agreement as well as what makes them the best choice. Candidates tend to focus on issues and treat rivals with more respect.

The will of the people prevails because the majority of voters always determines the winner from a full and robust set of choices.

Ranked Choice Voting is now spreading rapidly and used in some form in 26 states. Maine has led the way and now uses RCV for almost every major state and federal office. But there is much work to be done so that every voter in every election enjoys the right to rank their vote!