New to RCV?

Check out this great, 1-minute YouTube video on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) for a good start.

Municipal RCV for Iowa: Panel Discussion

1. Introductory Talk - Matt Wetstein
2. First panelist - Chris Hughs, Director of Policy for the Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center
3. Second panelist - Josh Daniels, Utah County Auditor
4. Third Panelist - Caroline Tolbert, Professor at University of Iowa
5. Additional Q&A

Full video:

Supporting Resources

RCV for Cedar Rapids: Videos

These are videos from a custom series of videos on Ranked Choice Voting we made for Cedar Rapids, covering the issue from the standpoint of the voter experience, election administration, and the path forward:

  1. Introduction to Ranked Choice Voting (2 min)
  2. Single Winner Elections using Instant Runoff RCV (4 min)
  3. Multi Winner Elections using Single Transferable Vote RCV (7 min)
  4. Ranked Choice Voting in Application (11 min)

Further Resources

  • The Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center: This non-profit organization is the gold standard for everything related to legal and technical aspects of adopting and administering Ranked Choice Voting elections.
  • FairVote: This non-profit is one of the longest-standing RCV organizations in the last 30 years.
  • Evaluating the Effects of Ranked Choice Voting: This is a good, even-handed look at what we know so far on the impacts of Ranked Choice Voting by Lee Drutman and Maresa Strano for New America Foundation.

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