Our movement cares about election integrity and trust. Running a good election system has nothing to do with the type of voting used.

Ranked Choice Elections are Hand Recountable and Auditable:

Ranked Choice elections in Iowa would be compatible with our existing state election infrastructure. Importantly, any implementation of Ranked Choice Voting would use physical paper ballots, which would be kept for later recounts and audits. Ranked Choice ballots are hand countable. In fact, Ireland has been exclusively hand counting their ranked ballots for over a century. Standard policies exist for

We support full transparency in elections:

Another important aspect in building trust in elections is transparency. A common practice in places that use RCV is to release the full Cast Vote Record which contains an anonymized table of all of the voters’ individual rankings so that anyone can tabulate the results.  San Francisco releases scanned copies of the physical ballots (with names removed), following the election. https://www.rcvresources.org/blog-post/best-practices-for-releasing-rcv-election-results

In short, very few practices in conducting Ranked Choice Voting elections differ from pick-one voting when it comes to security and transparency. Many places that use RCV are ahead of the national curve on transparency and clarity in reporting. This is an important issue, regardless of the voting type. And it is critical to our movement.