An important pillar of Better Ballot Iowa is our commitment to non-partisan political innovation. For many people this is a new idea. It's really simple: It means putting the health of our republic above any single issue, party, or identity. We do not support any reforms that would systematically advantage any particular parties or candidates.

The reforms that we support have supporters in both parties and have a long track record. Ranked Choice Voting, for example, has been around for a century - long before our modern notions of blue and red. It has been used by both parties to nominate candidates. The data from 628 Ranked Choice Voting Elections shows that it elects the candidate preferred by the most voters 99.4% of the time (a far better track record than pick-only-one voting). Any party or candidate that has the support of the majority of voters has nothing to fear in RCV elections

Better Ballot Iowa is neither pro- nor anti- any parties or party systems. We are pro-voter.

Political parties serve a critical role in organizing voters and enforcing accountability - voters know what they’re voting for. We respect and appreciate that. We also appreciate the fact the job of representatives in a republican form of government is to represent all of their constituents, not just their narrowest base or the national party. We want to see an election system that balances these two competing aspects..

This is good for candidates too! It rescues them from being hostage to a bad system with bad incentives. It frees them to be their best selves.


We want everyone at the table. It is critical to our mission.

Better Ballot Iowa has supporters from both major parties, as well as independents, third parties, and “none-of the above”. We work with national experts from both major parties. We want everyone at the table. Reach out to our leaders and volunteers, or come to a meeting to learn more.