David J Gion is the Executive Director of Better Ballot Iowa.

David has spent the 35+ years of his professional career in the Innovation Space, bringing new companies, products, and initiatives to the marketplace. He has also had a life-long passion for our form of self-government. For the past 20+ years he has been very frustrated with our Political Industry and the growing division. He has been looking for achievable, simple innovations that can help get our democracy back on track. In 2020, he learned of several simple, political innovations that he believes will make a significant impact towards a healthier democracy. So, he decided to put more professional focus onto the Political Innovation Space and work innovations to “Get Our Democracy Back On Track!”

David has many interests, leading and inspiring people being one of his favorites. And, he is so curious, about 15 years ago he deployed a “Four Shiny Objects Strategy”, a topic for a different day – many kudos to his wife Nancy!

Matt Wetstein

Matt Wetstein is the Board President and Public Relations Lead of Better Ballot Iowa. He lives with his wife and two school-aged children in Ames.

Matt is a Professor of Physics at Iowa State University, where he studies experimental particle physics. Searching for the smallest constituents of matter requires large collaborative efforts. As the founding co-spokesperson of the international Accelerator Neutrino Neutron Interaction Experiment (ANNIE), Matt has a lot of experience managing the politics of large team efforts.

Matt has had a long time passion for systemic, non-partisan political reforms. Over the last four years he has been inspired to get off the sidelines and start taking action. He wants to put a stop to the escalating divisiveness of politics and leave his children with a representative democracy that's stronger than the one he inherited.

Genevieve Johnson

Genevieve Johnson is the Operations Officer of Better Ballot Iowa.

Genevieve earned a BA and MA in Mathematics from the University of Northern Iowa and currently works for the University of Iowa as a Senior Application Developer supporting researchers. She enjoys hiking with her husband, playing with their dogs, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Tired of feeling like she’s voting for the “lesser of two evils” or throwing away her vote, Genevieve is excited to connect with fellow Iowans who desire a better voting system.

Amy Brown

Amy Brown is the Finance Officer of Better Ballot Iowa. She is an insanely curious Iowa native who loves to create thriving communities.

Her career in the financial services industry spanned 27 years and among others, included leadership roles in human resources, customer experience, and continuous improvement. She holds a BS in Economics and Finance from Morningside University in Sioux City, Iowa. In her free time, Amy restores native prairies, renovates homes, and loves to travel.

Justin Witty

Justin Whitty is the Outreach Director of Better Ballot Iowa. He is a native Iowan who earned a BS in History and Mathematics from Iowa State University and began his energy engineering services career in Chicago before moving back to Iowa to start his family.

While in Chicago, he volunteered as a mentor at food banks, at forest preserves, and with his neighborhood association where he learned about political organizations from seasoned professionals. He continues to volunteer with Represent Us, a national political reform movement working to move the country toward the ideals of the American Anti-Corruption Act.

Katie Babb

Katie Babb is an Outreach intern with Better Ballot Iowa.

She is an intended political science and Spanish double major at Grinnell College, and her previous experience includes faith-based organizing with Grinnell College’s Jewish student organization and her temple’s youth group. Katie has also done many years of competitive debate, and now coaches 3-12th graders in speech and debate in her free time.

Katie supports Ranked Choice Voting because she wants to be able to vote for her true preference and not have to worry about voting strategically. Katie also wants a world with less polarization and less negative campaigning!