We wanted to let you know that two identical bills (SF2380 in the Senate and HF2610  in the House,  see section titled "Division III"), banning the use of Ranked Choice Voting in all Iowa elections, were introduced in the two chambers of the state legislature. HF2610 already passed in the House

  • The impetus for the ban came from out-of-state lobbying groups.
  • The bills cover a range of voting issues and buries the RCV ban deep on page 3.
  • They accomplish nothing legislatively - RCV is already not legal in Iowa. No jurisdictions are actively pursuing it. The action is empty symbolism.
  • These bills are actually an excellent media and messaging opportunity for our movement and we plan to take full advantage.

We were expecting this based on national trends and we are ready with an action plan.

Here's How you Can Help: #1 Contact Your State Legislators

Campaign status

So far, we've sent 246 letters in support of Ranked Choice Voting to state legislators from 41 unique house districts and 31 senate districts. Special thanks to the League of Women Voters of Linn County for rallying a full 110, alone. Since launching this campaign, we have exceeded 300 comments and letters in support of RCV - a testament to the growing power of our movement.

We’re launching a massive letter-writing/phone calling campaign with the goal of sending 400 emails, with at least one from each of Iowa’s 100 House districts (and 50 Senate districts).

  1. Look up the email address of your State House Representative and State Senator. You can look them up here: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find

  2. Click this link to start an email to your State Senator
    Subject: Strike Division III from SF2380

  3. Fill in the appropriate email address of your legislators, put their names into the email. Address your State Senator (since the House Bill already passed). But, please also cc your State Rep, so they continue to hear from constituents.

  4. Introduce yourself, especially where you live/that you live in their district.

  5. Request that they “Please, strike Division III” from the bill so we can “continue the conversation about Ranked Choice Voting”. Explain in your own words why this is important to you. We have some suggested talking points below. It’s OK to express frustration but keep it civil. Also, please keep this non-partisan.

  6. Make sure to bcc us ([email protected]) so that we can track how many emails are sent out.
    1. If you used the link above, we are already in the bcc. If you create the email yourself, please bcc: [email protected]

    2. If you prefer to not to bcc us, please contact us at [email protected] to let us know that you sent out the email, and who your reps are. It’s important for us to track!

  7. If you don’t hear back, consider making a phone call. Your legislator’s phone numbers are listed with their emails here: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/find

Suggested Talking Points

  • Please remove Division 3 from this Bill, so we can continue this new and important statewide conversation about making our elections work better.
  • You don’t understand:
    • Why are they trying to shut down the conversation before it even starts?
    • Why are they ignoring the 94% of Iowans subcommittee comments that were in favor of keeping the conversation on Ranked Choice Voting going? 
    • It doesn’t make sense.
  • Iowa should not be afraid of new ideas.
  • This legislature should value conversations with its own constituents over pressure from national lobbies to shutdown the discussion.
  • This is about local control and more choice. Keep big government out of this.
  • Share your frustrations with wanting more choices, or better choices, or more civil campaigning, and wanting your vote to matter.
  • You want and we need something better than we have today.
  • You have learned about Rank Choice Voting and it sure seems like it could address/solve many of these frustrations.
  • You want to continue this great conversation on RCV and not stifle it!  You feel like we are onto something really good.

Other Ways To Help

#2 Opt-In To Be Part of Our On-Call Team

As new developments arise, we may need to quickly have folks follow up with their reps quickly, contact friends in other districts, and help us phone-bank within our supporter list. Just knowing we can reach out by text or phone and count on your continued support is incredibly important!

Join our On-Call Team

#3 Spread The Word!

Take this opportunity to educate friends and spread the word. Even if they are new to Ranked Choice Voting, any reasonable person should see the value in having this important conversation. THAT is what we're asking for.

A Summary of the History of the Bills

These bills were rammed through the legislature at a breakneck speed. 

  • The Senate subcommittee hearing was scheduled with only a few day’s warning. 
    • Even on such a short notice, we brought out  a massive turnout 
      • Of 140 public comments, 134 asked to strike Division III banning RCV.
      • Of 16 in-person speakers, 12 spoke on behalf of Ranked Choice Voting or against the ban bill. 
      • Two of our testimonials in support of Ranked Choice Voting came from national Republican leaders with RCV experience.
      • 94% of the comments were in support of RCV.
      • …but they rammed the bill through anyway.
  • The House subcommittee hearing was scheduled with less than 24 hours notice. Again we were there and again they plowed through.
  • Both full committees met on Wednesday and Thursday, passing the bill on to the full chamber by Friday.
  • This is by design - no time for debate or discussion
  • As of Tuesday March 5, the Bill passed in the State House.

There were many other concerns about this bill - we were mentioned in the Des Moines Register.